Interactivity Group (FACT)

What role have women played in making and engaging with new technologies? Over the course of four sessions, digital artist and academic Helena Geilinger explores active debates around the systems that we use and are used by, looking at artificial intelligence, female net artists, physical infrastructures of the internet and CGI.

Incorporating music, drawing, reading, watching and walking, these sessions provide a unique way to engage with ideas around gender and technology.

This public programme was part of FACT's you feel me_  exhibition, presented by Curator-in-Residence Helen Starr. The show invites you to an alternative world, a place without division: a space where we can heal. Bringing together a collection of immersive artworks about power, the exhibition features projects by seven artists made from ceramics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, video and game design.

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Founder & Facilitator- Helena Geilinger

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